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Colorful Wine Labels from Uproot Wines & Design Challenge

If you love color, you're definitely going to love these wine labels from Uproot. Uproot has created an amazing label for their wine, called a Flavor Palette, that gives you a little taste of the wine...before you open the bottle.

Each block of color on the flavor palette represent a tasting note, and the size of the note indicates the intensity of that flavor. For example, Uproot's 2011 Sauvignon Blanc has a crisp sweet pop followed by a smoothness with flavors of Melon (PMS #372), Fresh Cut Grass (PMS #369), Citrus (PMS # 375), Grapefruit (PMS # 393) and Passion Fruit (PMS #512).

Several years back when Jay of Zelkova Ventures (an investor in ColourLovers) partnered with his friend Greg to launch a winery decided re-make winemaking from the ground up.  With this is mind they turned to many of the Zelkova portfolio companies for inspiration, including ColourLovers, to create the label design for their wine. They wanted their label to tell a story about the wine and the brand, as well as, have a utility and purpose. Working together with TurnerDuckworth, Uproot put the taste of the wine front and center on the bottle thru use of color. Each of the color blocks represent a tasting note, and the size of the color blocks tells you how dominant that note is. Together, these blocks make up a Flavor Palette that's unique to each vintage and varietal.

Design Challenge

COLOURlovers and Uproot want to extend an exciting challenge to the design community. The challenge is to design your own wine label featured 4-6 elements with dimensions of 3.9" by .83". In addition to being featured on the COLOURlovers website, Twitter, and Facebook, Uproot will send the winner a framed version of their wine label.

Enter the Contest

Enter the contest by submitting your design in the comments below or by Tweeting @COLOURlovers with the hastag #Drinkuproot.

Winners will be announced on the COLOURlovers blog and Twitter.

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