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Welcome New GelaSkins Artist Adriana Markham

Howdy COLOURlovers! Do you remember that GelaSkins Design Contest we had back in December? Well we've got some exciting news. The winner of that contest, Adriana Markham (you know her as dazzlement), has officially been added as the newest GelaSkins artist and we'd like you to join us in wishing her a big congratulations!

Adriana joined COLOURlovers back in 2011 and fell in love with making pattern templates. You really get a sense of her skill and her passion in her winning entry from contest, Colour Love. We really love it when talented community members get recognition for their work and what's even cooler is you can now buy Adriana's great patterns and sport them on your very own iPhone, Kindle, iPad, or whatever your device of choice may be.

In addition to the contest winner, you can also choose from two of her other designs. Just check out the kaleidoscopic goodness from her GelaSkins portfolio.

Congratulations Adriana!

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