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Winners of SnackTools VIP Memberships

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We recently published a giveaway of SnackTools VIP memberships to celebrate its newest addition: NotifySnack. Three winners were randomly chosen from the comments on the giveaway post. Read this post to find out if you were one of the lucky winners!

The Winners

Here are the three lucky Six Revisions readers who’ve won themselves a 1-year VIP membership to SnackTools.

I’d like to congratulate the winners of our giveaway!

The winners should have already gotten an email from one of the members of the SnackTools team containing information about how to claim their prize.

About NotifySnack

NotifySnack is a powerful tool designed to create beautiful notification widgets for your website.

NotifySnack is part of SnackTools–a suite of web applications designed to simplify the way you create and publish rich media widgets on the Web.

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