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Introducing Nettuts+ Builder – Version 2

We’re pleased to announce the release of Version 2 of Nettuts+ Builder, a Mac app that handles the process of concatenating and compressing your assets, optimizing your CSS by running it through, and uploading to your FTP server.

What Exactly Does it Do?

Intended for small projects and demos, all you need to do is drag your project folder onto Builder’s icon in the menu bar. Once you do so, it will:

  • Concatenate all scripts that are contained within <!-- js --> .. <!-- end js --> comments.
  • Concatenate all stylesheets that are contained within <!-- css --> .. <!-- end css --> comments.
  • Compress all CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files.
  • Run your CSS through
  • Organize folder structures, if necessary
  • Optionally upload to a directory on your server.

See it in Action


Nettuts+ Builder V2 is currently available free to all Tuts+ Premium members.

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