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40+ Creative Contact Forms That Will Inspire You

We have previously posted many collections about inspirational contact forms, but in this post we have collected the most innovative and amazing contact forms which you can bring into play for inspiration in your own designs. Contact forms have developed very much since the days of plain featureless HTML forms. This applies especially correct for portfolio websites and design agencies.

The modern designs are attractive and can be tremendously innovative. In addition to the regular fields that everyone anticipates, forms can be elevated by adding additional features such as maps, social networking data and interesting illustrations. A solid and aesthetically pleasing contact form assures the viewer’s trust in the person or company at the back of the site and improves the entire experience.

Here is the full collection after this jump. Enjoy!

1. Aterlier Detour

Here the contact us form is placed at the bottom of the page when you click Contact button. The design looks different and unique when you compare it with others.


2. Try Triangle

Here you will find that the contact us form is more like a paper form that is placed on the table.

Try Triangle

3. Asvalia

A post card like contact us form that gives the whole page a very unique and visually calming look.


4. Foto Marcol

Slightly vague but truly creative contact us form that sets itself apart from the identical contact us forms.

Foto Marcol

5. Square 1 Media

Yet another example of beautiful and visually attractive contact us form that encourages your visitors to contact you.

Square 1 Media

6. Stan Gursky

Extremely creative contact us form.


7. Ctrln

Here, the form has been given a nice look by placing a post box at the end that connotes the communication through written messages.


8. Denise Chandler

This form holds a different color and that is red which grabs the attention on the first look and signals that this is something you should pay attention to.

Denise Chandler

9. Carsonified

Simple, uncomplicated and easy to complete form that does not ask too many details.


10. David Hellmann

An envelope is placed as the background image with the form in this website giving it a very personal touch.

David Hellmann

11. Step2reality

A cute image is used at the side of contact fields that implies the delivery of written messages.


12. Xruiz

The creative web designer made use of his creativity and designed this visually compelling contact us form.


13. Silly Poems

No big images, no huge typography; just a simple contact form with a nice and simple background surely is enough to grab the attention.

Silly Poems

14. Fseid

This contact us form looks like a notice board where you can post different notices with the help of paper clips and thumb pins.


15. La Masa Mimatta

Somewhat mysterious yet appealing form that does not ask for much information to send your query to the webmaster.

La Masa Mimatta

16. Fundo Los Paltos

Contact details are also provided in case if you want to contact them over phone or though fax along with the email.

Fundo Los Paltos

17. Five Cent Stand

A very dynamic contact us page with loads of interactive elements to create user interest in the website.

Five Cent Stand

18. Red Bull Soapbox Racer

A casual and unfussy contact us form that is different from all the other forms in this collection. See the simplicity of this contact us form.

Red Bull Soapbox Racer

19. Camping ilfrutteto

This contact us form is simplicity at its best.

Camping ilfrutteto

20. Svn2ftp

A very cool and fresh approach to design a contact us form is apparent in this website. You can see how interactively the designer has used certain elements to bring this web design to life.


21. Just Dot

A very unusual contact us form that is present at the end of the web page. You simply have to navigate to the bottom of the web page to find this lovely contact form.


22. In my Bubble

You may feel like as you are writing on a paper but actually you are not. The design really is very marvelous and imaginative.


23. Harmony Republic

Harmony Republic also designed a very simple and clean contact us form.

Harmony Republic

24. Corvusart

A nature inspired contact us form with a beautiful color combination.


25. Rescueseo

This contact us form is presented in company with SEO packages choices that you can pick for your project. A very unique approach.


26. Reverend Danger

Simple and uncomplicated contact us form that lets you quickly fill the required fill in order to send your query to the webmaster.

Reverend Danger

27. Webfoo London

New and innovative approach of placing contact us form at the top of the web page emphasizing its importance.

Webfoo London

28. Melonfree

Melonfree makes use of the concept of minimalism for its contact us form and keeps the design simple but appealing.


29. Hit Digital

Quick and efficient contact us form without much complexity and confusion. This is truly helpful for such websites that expect their users to contact them more frequently.

Hit Digital

30. Zeropixel

Zeropixel contact us form is somewhat different from the others with respect to its design and color usage.


31. 1minus1

1minus1 does not have a separate contact us page but rather the contact us form appears like a pop up window on your screen when you click the contact button present at the top and bottom of the page.


32. Syropia

Syropia also uses the concept of mailing envelope to design their contact us form, looks simply ground-breaking.


33. Agencyp

Agencyp contact us form appears to be identical to that of others but in actuality it is not. The website will take you to the contact us form in a sliding style once you clicked the Switch Board button.


34. Freestyle Night

Extremely innovative approach to design a contact us form and taking it to the next level by just mixing up some innovation and creativity.

Freestyle Night

35. Ultranoir

Ultranoir has designed its contact us form by keeping the concept of creativity and simplicity intact, and has successfully created this awesome contact us form.


36. Cplx

Send messages in the clouds; this is what this design speaks about. You will like the originality of the designer with which this form has been created.


37. Bio-Bak

The most unusual and innovative contact us form in this collection that was designed with an out of the box approach.


38. Lunalunerafestival

Write your message on the piece of paper, fill you name and email address in the envelope and send it to the webmaster. Isn’t it interesting?


39. ElectricPulp

In addition to the contact us form, other details such as phone number and email address are also provided for the users to contact them directly.


40. Fabric Adecaricaturas

A somewhat ugly caricature is there with the contact us form, I don’t know for what but somehow it completes the overall look.

Fabric Adecaricaturas

41. Z-Index Media

Again the concept of a letter is being applied to create this contact us form. The design is simple yet speaks volume about itself.

Z-Index Media

42. Social Snack

Social Snack also utilizes another interesting and creative approach to get their contact us page appear different and unique from the rest of the contact us forms.

Social Snack

43. World-Arcade

The contact us form appears when you click on the Contact button asking you name, email address and your message that you want to send.


44. Hybridworks

In this contact us form, you will see that the letter box is the only graphic element. Despite that the web page looks visually interesting and appealing.


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