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50 Practical And Time Saving Premium Product Mockups From Graphicriver

Which is more important to you – the content or the package? No doubt, it’s a discussable question but the compromise we might agree on is that both are equally important. Package and product design plays a massive role in marketing and consumer alluring. Yet we shouldn’t forget about the web – product showcase is important here as well. And especially when consumers aren’t able to touch the goods – the design and presentation will be crucial.

As we continue our series of articles featuring items from Graphicriver today we’ve prepared yet another great array of items – product mockups. Although more suited for web than real world you’ll also find some print-ready items for your posters or packages. Items collected here range from simple business card mockups to clothe mockups and even a vinyl record template. Continue reading and check out these 50 outstanding and practical premium product mockups from Graphicriver.

1. Great Business Card Mock-up Pack ($6)


Best way to present your business card in 4 fancy & different styles. All you have to do is copy and paste. Your flat graphic files magically turn into 3D (print simulation) with impressive angles and lighting. Best for print preview and advertising.

2. 3D Asymmetrical Web Page Display ($3)


Perfect for displaying templates, web pages, photos etc. Each image is a smart object so editing the images is super easy. No need to worry about placements and reflections, it’s all done automatically.

3. 5 Realistic Logo Mockups ($6)


Create a realistic display for your logo in few seconds. These PSD files uses the Smart-Object feature, so you can replace the mockup content easily and quickly.

4. Mega Pack WEB Mock-Up 3 ($5)


This innovative package mock-ups is especially designed to show your web sites. in an elegant and attractive way, giving such a unique and real.

5. 3 Fold Brochure III ($6)


A design that breaks the traditional tri-fold design for brochures, giving a truly modern and original style all your ideas. 11×8,5.

6. Magazine Mockups – Closely Version ($5)


Magazine Mockups – Closely Version is a file, specially designed to create presentations of magazines designs, wanting to show these amazing designs an elegant, sophisticated and beautiful way.

7. Tee Mockup ($6)


This t-shirt mock-up file can be easily used and opened in Adobe Photoshop CS or higher. Place any image/logo or whatever on the mock-up, and place it on your website or shop.

8. Smart 3D package box ($4)


Elegant 3D box elements that will enhance your graphic and web projects alike to make it further visually appealing. The boxes are Smart Objects that requires jus placing your image and the box will be updated automatically.

9. Poster Mock-up Templates ($4)


4 psd template files with 3 different poster sizes. Very easy to modify. All you have to do is copy and paste your image.

10. Sleek Screen Mockup ($5)


Layered PSD file of a sleek display in 16:9. The file comes with four different screen resolutions to choose from.

11. Sleek Phone Mockup ($6)


Layered PSD file of a sleek phone. The file comes with two different screen resolutions to choose from on three different groups of phones and 8 single phone layouts.

12. Corporate Design Mock-ups ($11)


A spectacular mock-ups collection unprecedented, with photo-realistic effects and high-definition, Designed especially for presenting branding on different promotional pieces.

13. Sleek Laptop Mockup ($6)


Pixel-perfect image that are perfect to show of your latest wallpaper or homepage layout. Works with any background.

14. Album Cover CD Mock-Ups ($3)


Display your album cover design with these mock-up files. Simple to use with just a copy and past to edit both the cover art and background textures. Jewel case and digipack mock-ups included.

15. Set of 2 billboards ($4)


This is a set of two isolated billboards, with interchangeable backgrounds (3 included), smart objects for one-click editing and effects for a realistic photography look.

16. Mobilisimo Mobile Phone & Mobile Pad Mock-ups ($9)


Perfect to show your latest wallpaper, website or app. Works with any background.

17. Hands on tablet ($3)


4 hands templates which are holding the tablet, which can be easily applied with your application screenshot. The hands are the different layer, so you can move, rotate, combine them, or anything that gets on your mind.

18. Mega pack Brochure ($7)


This innovative package mock-ups is especially designed to show your creations in brochures or three-fold. in an elegant and attractive way, giving such a unique and real, let your works be seen truly spectacular.

19. Shopping bag mockup ($4)


Give your graphic creations another look by testing in real objects the design details which cannot be visualized from the initial drawings and sketches.

20. Bottles and Ice cool Mock-Up ($5)


This very useful graphic template is a great showcase for drinks, cocktails, toothpaste and every product that needs to be showed on a frosty cool scenery.

21. Stand Display Mockup ($5)


This PSD item uses the Smart-Object feature, so you can replace mockup’s content easily and quickly. The item includes a view from three different angles for optimal display.

22. 3D Google Map Mock-up ($5)


Quickly illustrate a stylish 3D arrival map mockup. Place your own map or a Google map. You can add any background or use transparent one.

23. Business card mockup display ($4)


You can use this file to display the front and back of your card or to show 2 different cards together. The PSD file uses the Smart-Object feature, so you can replace mock-up content easily and quickly.

24. AutoFrame ($2)


This item automatically generates a frame of your image without action. Just edit and save the smart object. Frames can be resized.

25. Paint Can ($4)


Layered PSD file of an paint can that uses Smart Objects to create the labels so they can be created in separate files.

26. Computer & Monitor Set ($4)


All items are in resolution 2400×1680px and highest quality. Everything is able to change (color, resizeable shapes).

27. Trade Show Boot Mock-up ($6)


Fully editable Booth PSD file. To generate your own Booth replace and adjust the corresponding Layers.

28. PRO 3d Web Showcase ($6)


Best for your web designs, pictures, artwork, portfolio etc. Full layered Photoshop .PSD Files (5 styles)

29. Professional Cap Mock-up ($4)


Quickly illustrate A cap mock up. You can add any background, edit 3 areas of colors, add a pattern, image, or a design of your own.

30. Splash Bundle ($6)


This awesome bundle contains 4 different juicy splashes with 4 different materials of which is: water, blood, milk & chocolate. It’s all high quality 3d rendered and fine tuned in Photoshop.

31. Paper Mock-Up (44)


If you design a page and want to show or want to see how he could now printed in a magazine or book, this mock-up is perfect for presentation.

32. The Store Maker ($7)


All elements have a very detailed design and they are all editable. All layers are named and well-organized.

33. Pixel Screen Mock-up ($6)


Ultra realistic LCD pixel screen mock-ups. A unique way to display your images.

34. Premium Product Presentation ($5)


Premium product presentation can be used for any of your website project for showcasing your website,products etc. Full layered,named and editable.

35. Chocolate/Candy Bar Mock-Up ($4)


The file you get is set up at 3222×1812px, preview ready.

36. 3D Box Mockup ($4)


6 Variations, Smart Layers, easily editable, 2560×1600px.

37. All-Star Shoes Mock-up ($4)


Quickly illustrate a shoes mock-up. You can add any background, choose the shoes color, place your own pattern design.

38. Piecemaker Mock-up (#3)


All elements have a very detailed design and they are all vector shapes (even shadows). Double-click easy image change (change one image and all pieces are updated).

39. Professional Trifold Brochure Mock-Up ($3)


Display your brochure design with this professional mock-up file. Simple and easy to use with smart-object feature and hue/saturation adjustment to change background color.

40. Cosmetic Packaging Mock Ups ($3)


Layered PSD files of beauty hand cream mock ups. Add some flair to your designs with these editable files.

41. Creative Book Shelves Including Icons ($7)


Uber high quality objects with insane amount of details arranged as shelf stuff. Design agency, photographer, travel company or any private blog can use this illustrations for about page design.

42. Food-Bag Product Mock-Up ($3)


Simple and easy to edit graphic food-bag mock-up with smart objects for one-click editing.

43. Grungy Crumpled Paper Mock-up ($5)


11 Grungy crumpled paper mock-up psd templates. It’s easy to edit. It is perfect for your product showcase, for your unique gallery, for print or any other awesome project.

44. Vinyl Records ($3)


A set of cool Vinyl Records for your project fully editable PSD build in vector layers.

45. Red Wine Bottles and Grapes ($6)


This mock-up consists of one bottle in two states: brand new and from the cellar – old and decayed. The bottle is very layered and each layer is vector smart object, so the whole thing is scalable.

46. Food Packaging Mock-Up ($4)


Simple and easy to edit graphic food packaging mock-up with smart objects for one-click editing.

47. Paper Bag Mock-Up ($8)


High resolution 2000×1500. Easily editable via smart object (automatically transforms two-dimensional images into realistic three-dimensional previews).

48. T-Shirt Mock ups ($5)


Best professional t-Shirt mockup pack to present your t-Shirt design and organize your online store. Changeable shirt color and background.

49. Textures Business Card Mock-up ($5)


1000×750px, 3 Styles.

50. Pie Chart Creator ($4)


Quickly illustrate a stylish 3D pie chart mock-up. Generate graphs within minutes, change the segments size as you wish x4 shaded graph styles, x8 different colors You can add any background or use transparent one.

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