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The Hotlist: Edition 9


Mountains by UGMONK


An awesome print from the always talented Ugmonk. (Jeff Sheldon) The majesty of mountains – Ugmonk style.


Redesign, Wanderlists, and Facebook power Wanderfly 2.0


A half-year after our official launch we have overhauled the entire destination page on Wanderfly to help you get going on your next Wanderfly adventure. It is now easier and more fun to browse destinations, share trips, and connect with friends. Powering the redesign is the ability to create and share awesome lists (Wanderlists) of destinations and the option to connect and chat with friends to get advice, offer travel tips, and chat about your favorite places. At Wanderfly, we’ve always wanted you to find inspiration from our recommendations, and now with these improvements, there are plenty of new ways to do just that – make lists and join the conversation at Wanderfly now.

LucidChart Launches Any-Time, Any-Where Access to Web-based Visual Communication App With Full Offline Version


LucidChart, the top paid app in the Chrome App Store, announced full offline functionality of their web-based visual communication and diagramming app, and I’d like to work with you on a story about this news.

LucidChart offers users a quick and easy way to organize and communication information through attractive and easy-to-understand visual aids, and the new offline functionality allows users to stay productive even when they don’t have web access.

This release is significant in that they’re among the first to offer such a powerful product in full version format that keeps users connected even when they’re not online  - LucidChart is part of the general trend of improvements in web apps that are now outperforming desktop software.


4 Things we’d LOVE to see in the next iOS

When we have an idea about something we really like, we simply can’t keep our hands off it. The iPhone is great, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get a little better…..right?

VinylLove™ for iPad
Play it, Feel it, LOVE it!​vinyllove

Color Monkey is an Interactive Design Studio with an exciting mix of talented designers in a creative environment in which ideas and products come to life.

Visit us at

iOS 5 Lion-Style Dashboard Concept

Another concept of widgets — this time to mirror the dashboard setup in Mac OS X. The implementation is similar to my other widget video. However, in this concept, widgets and apps are separated.

Basically, you can consider this layout as having two sides. You have your apps and folders where they have been. But when you slide over to the old Spotlight Search screen, the wallpaper shifts and you’re taken into a Dashboard screen similar to the kind found in Mac OS X. You can have many pages of widgets (exactly the same way as the app home screens, but in the opposite direction). Widgets can come with downloaded applications and can be different sizes. Shown are my designed widgets for Facebook and Twitter.

What 9,000 TV Channel Logos Looks Like


There are thousands upon thousands of TV channels available to watch worldwide.

Unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to fully grasp the absolutely massive number of television channels out there today because we only ever see them on our TV guides or randomly around the internet. For each channel, there’s a logo design that is easily recognizable and often memorable. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are more than 9,000 TV channel logos.

Of course, because some channels use identical logos across different stations and countries, some duplication has occurred (so we’re just going to round down to 9,000 even). You can even see a high resolution version of these logos starting here, but be warned: the large versions will take some time to load.


Long Live the Redesign by iamFinch


In a nutshell, the concept he put forward is: Great designers adjust an existing work with little disruption of the foundational design for a goal or purpose. The end result is a modification to the design that improves the user experience. Good designers, on the other hand, recreate existing work focusing on the aesthetic, with a misunderstood notion that it will always improve it. However they end up disrupting and/or damaging the user’s experience making no real impact with the effort.

Design Professionalism by Andy Rutledge

The designer’s guide to taking back your profession.

Each year enthusiastic and passionate design students enter the industry they’ve long admired—one that they’ve worked hard to prepare for and have strived to be worthy of—in time only to meet with disillusionment. Why?…

Sustainable, Not Pixel Perfect


We were approached by Zappos (read our case study) to reskin their “Zeta” site (basically a living wireframe). Our brief was to redesign the pages without bringing new thinking to the structure of the page, functionality, or interaction. Our job was to interpret what they had already built and to align the design with the Zappos brand; it is something they had struggled to do for several years.

Don’t redesign on spec by Yaron Schoen

Art, by nature, is not utilitarian. It does not concern itself with descriptions but leaves its viewer with the option to develop his/her own interpretation of what he/she sees. Art is its own means to an end, it does not solve problems for its viewer and it is without a specific goal. It is a reaction to an observation made by the artist that is sometimes processed through an emotional filter and sometimes remains in pure documentation form.


Office Productivity


Nice little setup that you could come in daily and grind out some work. I like it.


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The Hotlist: Edition 9

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