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December 25 2013


The Colors of Your Favorite Christmas Movies

Ah the holidays. A time for friends, family, and traditions. In my family, we watch westerns on Christmas. Don't ask me why. I know friends that look forward to their annual A Christmas Story marathon on TBS. And then there are others that prefer to have John McClane over for a little mayhem around the holidays.

Whatever your preference, it's that wonderful time of year when you get to revisit your favorite movies with the people that you love. Join us as we take a look at some of the popular holiday films and their colors.

Elf (2003)

A delightful little film, Elf hearkens back to the old Christmas special claymations in just about every way, right down to the retro color scheme.


A Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

Rich and luscious, the colors of A Muppet Christmas Carol make you feel like you're in the middle of a vivid illustration from a Victorian novel.


Gremlins (1984)

'80s to the core, the colors of Gremlins are almost as fun as the mischievous little aliens themselves.


Die Hard (1988)

With its steely blues and warm hues, the colors of Die Hard manages to make an explosive action movie feel like the holidays.


Home Alone (1990)

Even though you may outgrow the antics, Home Alone remains a nostalgically delicious and surprisingly heartwarming film that still manages to bring a tear to my eye.


The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Tim Burton & Henry Selick's claymation masterpiece is equal parts macabre and holiday spirit, and the vivid colors capture them both beautifully.


Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)

Hey Vern, remember one of the silliest heroes to ever grace the screen?


Scrooged (1988)

Bill Murray turns Dickens on his head in a hilarious way and the dark colors help hammer home the surrealism.


A Christmas Story (1983)

I'm not sure any other film better captures the essence of what it means to be a kid at Christmas.


Christmas Vacation (1989)

Somehow the Griswolds manage to take family disasters and make them so darn fun.


A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

This animated Peanuts short has been a longtime Christmas favorite and the transfer from page to screen loses none of the comic vibrance.


Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

The late, great Satoshi Kon made some amazing animated dramas and thrillers, but somewhere in the middle of all that he released this delightfully funny gem. Tokyo Godfathers is quirky and a little bizarre, but as a holiday film it will make your heart smile.


It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

Yeah okay, this is not the most colorful film ever made, but is it technically Christmas without It's a Wonderful Life?


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Colorland!

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December 09 2013


12 Quirky & Wonderful Christmas Illustrations

If you're like me, then you have a perpetual smile on your face this time of year. This is due on no small part to the delightful holiday artwork you encounter just about everywhere you look. From Christmas cats to hipster reindeer, we collected twelve quirky and wonderful illustrations that help make that smile a big one.

MARCHÉ de NOËL by madalina andronic/p>

Vintage Hipster Christmas Animals by Marish

Kitty with the Christmas Tree by kolorowaAnka

Christmas Coffee by Tommaso Vidus Rosin

Ugly Christmas Letters by FishScraps

The Christmas Spirit by TheWoodenKing

Illustration by Natalia Illarionova

Christmas Collection by BerryCat

Christmas Eve 1 by roweig

Warm Woodsy Wishes by Laura Watson

Snowmen Clipart and Paper by Tangle's Treasures

Christmas cubebird by estygia

Are you feeling as festive as we are after that adorable holiday goodness? If you've got any favorite illustrations to share, please do!

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April 07 2012


Easter Favorites for a Colorful and Festive Holiday

So many fun things can be done to make Easter a little more festive. From crafty decorations to different ways to dye eggs, these ideas will get you excited for the Easter festivities.

Craft up this yarn garland using balloons, glue and yarn. Check out the DIY tutorial.

These bags and tags are perfect for finding and gathering Easter eggs.

Source: TagBag

Have you heard of cake pops? I'm sure by now the answer is yes. The fabulous Bakerella has thought of how to turn everything under the sun into a fabulous cake pop, and these easter eggs are no exception.


Looking for fun ways to spruce up those eggs? I guess traditional egg dye isin't the only way to make eggs look awesome. My personal favorite are the neon dipped eggs. Oh how I love neon at the moment.






Happy Easter from all of us here at COLOURlovers! We hope you enjoy your weekend!

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February 10 2012


February 03 2012


The Color of Love Through the Artistic Eye

Love is most often associated with the color red. Be that by conditioning of incessant advertising or that we are drawn to it by nature. Secondary to red is of course pink, in almost any level of saturation.

Red is one of those colors that possesses the strongest Ying and Yang of its theoretical definitions. Between love and hate, rebirth and death, the human relationship in any combination, could literally be summed up in the meaning of the color Red. Pink has what I would describe as a temperamental scale, more based on softness versus loudness than the extreme left or right end of the spectrum.

"Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love." - // COLOR THEORY poster freebie

As we know, colors can generate a wide variety of emotions. Red might be the most diverse and along with pink, a tag-along little sister, many other colors in tow can lend a visual message of love a great big pop!

Falling in Love by Etsy artist,  DJEMBE & CANVAS

"Cranes represent longevity and grace. The flocks ascend our champagne symphony, where love is blessed upon those who simply believe." - posted by artist at the listing

The artist gave us a wonderfully light feeling with this palette and the birds adding further motion. I also like how the painting balances the realities of "love" with a little bit of darkness in the bottom right corner. What do you think of this palette and representation of falling in love?

Love Trees by Etsy artist, Patrick Law

This slightly abstract ensemble uses blues, lavenders and coral blend to articulate a center of warmth within the heart tree. This makes me feel warm, cozy and safe. What does it do for you?

The detail on this acrylic print is amazing. The tree's are textured and have an amazing visual feel to them.

 Long Distance Love by Etsy artist, PopHeartPress

This digital art gives off quite a pop with a wild color palette that is sure to get your blood pumping. A wonderful way to make a positive statement about a long distance love situation.

You Ctrl + Z Me (You Undo Me) by Etsy artist rawartletterpress

This red certainly screams for attention and a laugh. Clearly using red against white in a funky, fun way. Comes in both PC and Mac versions.

Language of Love by Etsy artist TheMemoryGallery

Red, black and white always seem to say, "sexy." A very elegant and formal piece with the word, "Love" in, you guessed it, red.

Soulmates by Etsy Artist, Ben Will

In this abstract expressionism piece, the artist depicts the two soul mates in red while surrounded by an abstract world of cooler colors with a touch of warmth within a vague heart shape in the center between the figures. I feel that it is plainly portraying red as the connection of love. How do you see this piece?

 Modern Love Art Print by Etsy Artist, finedaypress

Mundane colors and ordinary shapes (the circles) surround an off-red, almost burnt orange heart to show love can exist in the midst of everything else in life.

Love Runs Through by Etsy Artist, papercraftsbyk

This fantastically bright mixed media piece tells a story. I like the composition because it literally shows a display of dark muddle in the center and love coming out the other side (running paint). A great visual representation of love. What do you think of the color scheme?

Heart Leaf Love by Etsy Artist, BouleDeNeige

What kind of feeling of love does this palette represent? With cooler hues, does the natural, organic shape soften it up?

I Love You This Much by Etsy Artist, hairbrainedschemes

Here we are, ending with this fabulous lipstick, lovey-dovey, sexy red. I still think nothing says "passionately, deeply in love" like this hue of red.

In reviewing these other palettes and artwork that goes with them, I think of things that a relationship brings such as trust, feeling safe, making me laugh, best friend, that person who is my rock, appreciation, admiration, etc.... but I still come full circle to the richness of what true definitive love feels like in this rich hue of red.

What do you think?

palettes used in this post:

Color by COLOURlovers

January 24 2012


December 29 2011


Dressing Festive For New Year's Eve

The time has come to ring in the new year, so why not do it in style. This occasion definitely calls for some fancy, yet stylish outfits with which to celebrate the night in.

Holiday parties with the boss are over and done with, so pull out some of your favorite accessories of the season and go big this year.

Source: Dress, Clutch, Bracelet, Shoes

For the men, getting fancy means putting on that favorite suit you own and adding some pieces to spruce up the look. A watch is sure to make a statement no matter which style you choose. Adding a vest to your suit livens up the look a little bit more and is worthy of any sort of plans you have to ring in the new year.

Source: Watch, Shoes, Suit

If you are in a colder area, short skirts or dresses might not be as appealing, but that doesn't mean you don't have fabulous options at your fingertips. A sparkle top with some skinny jeans and a pair of pumps will fit right in. Adding a statement piece such as a bold clutch or some statement bracelets are a great way to complete the outfit.

Source: One Shoulder Shirt,  NordstromBlack PumpsTory BurchNordstrom,

One of my favorite trends this season is the obsession with textures, patterns and layers. Ruffles are a wonderful way to achieve this trend and give any (even a regular v-neck t-shirt) look that little extra something to make it pop. In this case, we chose a textured shirt with a belt, a pair of sleek black pants, and a few awesome statement pieces to add a bit of color and complete your overall look.

Source: Shirt, PantsBelt, Clutch, Bracelet

This is a great time for men to wear their best threads and accessorize with some sleek details such as a pair of glasses, and a black bow tie. For the formals, this is a great look to pull off.

Source: Glasses, Suit, Watch

Going out for a nice dinner or to a fancy party? Adding a bold necklace to a nice dress will make all the difference. Add some great shoes and a few bangles and you have yourself a complete outfit for your night out on the town. Source: Nordstrom, J Crew, Kate Spade 

We talked a bit earlier about vests, and the vital part they play in dressing up your look. Another tip is getting a thicker and more interesting fabric such as tweed or wool. The fabric takes care of the texture itself to give you a few extra brownie points with your look. Adding a bold print shirt and some rocking shoes will complete the look without too much effort at all.

Source: Vest, Vest, Cuff Links

Sparkles are a great way to go if you are looking for a great way to spruce up your look. Some people love the sophisticated sparkle, while others just can't stand it. If you are a sparkle-lover, these pieces are definitely for you. A sparkle dress with a black coat allow you to show off a little, without looking like Time Square at midnight. And a statement bracelet will never do any harm.

Source: Sequin Dress, Skirt, Bracelet 

Oh bow ties, how we love thee! This is a great little accessory, that you will definitely be able to wear again. And even better, this collection is reversible meaning double the wear! If you are a bow tie lover, this is definitely a shop you should check out so you can get double the fun for your money. Add these bow ties to any of the suits below and you will definitely give that traditional style a whole new look.
Source: Bow Ties

Source: Suit, Suit, Watch

Sparkles can be adding a variety of ways to complete your look. Jackets, skirts, and dresses are three of the most common. While it is important not to combine all your sparkle goodness on one outfit. you can still play with less sparkly but still as bold accessories like cocktail rings or a great pair of earrings.

Source: DressesEarrings, Ring, Earrings

For a less dressed up look, a vest and cardigan combo might just be the way to go. You still look sharp, but definitely not as formal as some of the other looks. A great tie with a pattern will also give your look a little something interesting that will fit the look quick well.

Source: Cardigan, Pants, Tie

Saving my personal favorite for last, let's talk about this awesome dress and a few great details that you are pair with the look. Stripes are a perfect example of bold patterns that are currently in style. With a flowing dress, this is a perfect piece to go out to dinner or go out dancing. Stacked bracelets are coming up in the world as one of the newest trends, and boy is this one fun! Pair many different textures, and sizes together to create the perfect combo of pieces to pair with your dress. In the spirit of New Year's, sparkle nail polish is a great little addition to your look.

Source: Watch, Clutch, Nails, Dress

We hope you have enjoyed the fabulous holiday season and are getting ready to celebrate the New Year in style! No matter what your plans are, there are a variety of outfits you can pull together. Pieces from the various looks above can be mixed and matched to create that perfect outfit for the occasion.

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December 23 2011


Creating A Festive Holiday Wedding

When picking a wedding date we hope for sunshine, gorgeous days, and perfect temperatures, which is why a high majority of weddings you see are during the summer. But what about chilly, cozy and romantic nights filled with candlelight and bundling in the best fall fashion has to offer?

Winter weddings have a charm all their own and the color palettes can be just as gorgeous as those of summer weddings. If you are looking to tie the knot over the holiday season or the winter months that follow, don't forget that you have many great options on your hands as well.

Source: Kiss

Red details make for a festive pop during winter months. This gal below decided to tie her look together with a bold nail color and matching shoes. That just screams winter romance.

Source: Christmas Wedding


Looking for a little way to save your wedding invitations for years to come? The ornament DIY below allows you to create a special ornament with your extra wedding invitations, which is also a great gift for your bridal party and family. Baker's Twine is another resource that should definitely be on your radar for winter weddings. Whether you use it to wrap up gifts, or try a unique approach such as this cake, this is one supply you will be sure to use for every craft project that your wedding entails.

Source: OrnamentCakeBow Tie

An ornament guest book is a perfect way to save kind words from your guests and keep them with you every holiday season as you prepare to celebrate your anniversary. Pulling them out and reading these words will remind you of your special day.

Source: Ornaments

Christmas weddings don't necessarily mean you have to stick with traditional Christmas decor. Ideas such as these swirly treats or a festive pop on  champagne to ring in the new couple. These details add pops of color and make the night fun and festive for everyone!  Dessert tables are a fun way to offer an assortment of goodies for guests, and happen to be all the rage in the wedding industry these days.

Source: Dessert Table

Creating a perfect tablescape  with perfect place settings will bring the whole look of your wedding together. Bow tie napkins, festive toppings for desserts and glass pieces filled with small ornaments are a great way to tie everything together. Who says you need flowers to make your centerpieces pop?

Source: Glitter, Place Settings, Desserts

If you want to get really festive, there are lots of great ways to incorporate ornaments into the scheme of things. Place cards, mini chandeliers hanging from above, centerpieces and mini trees are all great ways to do it. These craft projects are all very simple and low-cost but will make your holiday wedding look all the better.

Source: Place CardsOrnament Chandelier, Guest Book, Ornaments

No matter what holiday or winter look you are going for, adding in a few personal DIY projects will give your day a little extra personality. Having a fun and festive holiday wedding can be just as much fun for guests as it is for you. Consider adding pops of red and green on top of a palette of whites, silver and gold so that the palette looks cohesive and not overdone. Time to get a little creative and get excited about your holiday wedding. And hopefully you will get a little snow to take some hopelessly romantic photos on your big day!


December 20 2011


December 14 2011


Seasonal Looks For Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are an exciting part of the holiday season as is finding the perfect outfit for the occasion. Whether you are heading to a work or a family function, it's time to look your best and celebrate the holiday cheer with those around you. No matter what price range you are looking to stay in, we have some holiday picks that are perfect for any parties you are attending this season.

The ladies are in luck, as bright pants in bold colors are a current trend of the fall. This is an easy way to stay casual but still make a statement with the outfit. Pairing something like this with simple pieces including a black jacket and white shirt are a great way to complete the look. Pair fun accessories with bold prints or some sparkle and you have yourself a casual yet incredibly fun look for any party.

OutfitReversible Clutch, RingBraceletsBlack Flats

Men have far less choices when it comes to fashion. That definitely isn't a bad thing, but all the more reason why the men have to look sharp using the few accessories they have. This red flannel shirt (created from a COLOURlovers palette) goes well with a few leather details and offer a casual look for a friendly gathering with friends. Bracelets or a watch are a great way to offer a little statement piece to the outfit.

SweatersShoesFlannel, Watch, Bracelet

Sweaters over patterned button up shirts are a fantastic way to dress up for a work function. This is a great way to look professional but still keep things casual for this sort of a party. Here is a little trick: cardigans with skinny belts is a cute way to dress up an outfit and look a little different than your friends.

Belt + CardiganPlaid Shirt + Sweater

Sweaters are as great of an accessory for men as they are for women. Pairing a patterned shirt with a solid sweater is a great way to stay casual but look great. A pair of cords or colored pants complete the look quite well. If the weather isn't too warm, consider throwing a peacoat over the look.

Red SweaterBlue Sweater, Shirt, Tie, Shirt, Outfit, Outfit

Here is a look that is perfect for either a work function or a fun party with friends and family. Create a classic outfit with by pairing a blazer with some dark denim and a simple sweater. The secret for creating the wow-factor in this look is to heavily accessorize with some bold pieces. Statement necklaces, large bangles, and a colorful clutch accessorize this classic look very well. And don't forget some funky shoes to go with it!

 Pants,  NecklaceClutchBraceletNail PolishShoeBlazer

Cardigans are a nice way to dress up and stay comfortable at the same time. A wool scarf can accessorize the outfit quite well. Adding some colored socks and a plaid bow tie is a fun way to add to the overall outfit. And that watch is a great way to tie everything together.

ScarfCardiganWatch, Bow Tie, Socks, Shoes, Cardigan, Cardigan

For a classy gathering choose the perfect little black dress and complete the look with some fun gold details. To add a little color into the look, choose shoes that offer a pop. Anything goes good with black, and you can get as bold and creative as you would like when it comes to shoe choices.

Bracelet, Necklace, Clutch, Dress, Shoes

A bow tie makes an outfit look instantly stylish. Pairing your favorite patterned bow tie with a tweed jacket will keep you both warm and looking great throughout the night. A braided bracelet, a watch and some leather shoes can complete the look in a wonderful way. The look is simple and classic and is perfect for a work function or a gathering with your favorite family and friends.

Glasses, Tweed, Bracelets, Shoes, Watch

Pairing patterns, bold color and some bling can be a challenge. Creating a cohesive look without over-doing yourself is an important thing to remember for any occasion. Consider a polka dot clutch or a striped shirt for a little pop in your outfit. Adding a bold color gives your outfit the statement it deserves.

Stacked Bracelets, Outfit, Clutch, Blazer, Scarf

The blazer is a great addition to any outfit and will instantly dress up any look that you have together. Pairing a button down shirt with a blazer keeps the look classy.

Blazer, Tie, Shirt, Look

Heading to a fancy affair? A dress, some stockings and a statement necklace is all you need to look your best and create the perfect fancy-party outfit. These selections are by Kate Spade to offer some inspiration.


Scarves for men are a great addition for an outfit. For a fancy look add a blazer, pair of nice fitting dark pants and a few accessories to complete the look. This wooden watch and patterned scarf add a little statement to the outfit. And if you are a glasses wearer, this is a great pair!

OutfitWatchTie, Glasses

The work function deserves a well-put-together outfit. After all, you see these people on a daily basis, and sometimes maybe you aren't always dressed to impress. Now is the time to pull out the stops and look your best. A layered shirt with a cardigan is a great dressed-up look. Some gray pants and black pumps offer a very professional approach for a work function. As for accessories, knot bracelets and a clutch is all your need to spruce up this look.

Clutch, head piece, Outfit, Bracelets

If you are like most, you won't be buying an all new outfit just for one party. So consider these tips when shopping for a piece or two to go with your current wardrobe. You can easily liven up what you already have by adding a bold color, a preppy pattern or some awesome accessories that are sure to make a statement. Same things goes for the men, an accessory or two will go a long way in your collection of jeans and button-ups.

So what kind of parties are you headed to and what are you wearing?

December 12 2011


Wreath the Holiday Season in Colors Galor

More than just a decorative touch, wreaths have existed since the times of the ancient Romans. Before Christianity, pagan rituals of mid-winter often featured a wreath of evergreen with four candles.

The candles were placed in each of the four directions, representing the elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Rituals were performed to ensure the continuance of the circle of life.

Elements (TraditionalGerman Advent used for representation)

Some Christians use this idea also. The four candles represent the advent of Christmas and the hope of returning light in the Spring.

Laurel Wreath Crown (Victor) | Gold Wreath Crown (Gold Olive Leaf Crown) | Olympic Gold Medal (1996 Olympic Games

In ancient Greece, olive wreath crowns were awarded to victors in the original Olympic Games. Today, modern Olympic medals often bear the same olive wreath image. These wreaths stood for Victory over challenges.

Poinsetta ( Red and Gold) | Beautiful Nature (Magnolia) | Inspired Nature (Design) | Eucalyptus Love (Sage and Red)

The Christmas wreath has much symbolism attached to it. The shape of the circle has no beginning and no end. This circle could mean the eternal nature of God’s love or the Circle of Life. The use of Evergreen branches suggests victory of life through darkness and challenge. Think of the Greek Victors Crown. Think of the hope that light will come back to the world with the advent of Spring.

Square Wreath (Regal Fruit Sunburst) | Mixed Greenery Wreath (Silver Bird) | Berry and Greenery Wreath (Very Berry Square) | Succulent Wreath (Rich Texture)
Square wreaths are gaining in popularity—perhaps non-traditional, but just as exquisite.
Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath (Beautiful Handmade) | Grinch Ornament Wreath (Grinch) | Oval Ornament Wreath (Metal Funky Stocking) | Silver and Teal Ornament Wreath (Bubbly Holiday Cheer) | Pink, Blue, Lime Green Ornament Wreath (Festive Deco Mesh)

Color and texture are vividly portrayed in these gorgeous ornament wreaths. They domonstrate how wreaths can be meaningful or just plain fun.

Coffee Filter Wreath (Coffee Filter DIY) | Burlap Wreath (Burlap DIY) | Candy Wreath (Candy DIY) | Newpaper & Sweater Wreaths (Upcycled Christmas) | Grapevine (Grapevine Pepperberry) | Tulle Wreath (Tulle)

How did we come to hang wreaths on our doors? Decorative wreaths using different floral arrangements were used anciently to identify different families and houses. Whereas today we use house numbers.

Cardboard or Foamboard (Cardboard) | Newspaper (Newspaper and Tape) | Straw or Long Grass (Save On Crafts) | Styrofoam (Save on Crafts) | Foam Pipe Insulation and Packing Tape (DIY) | Coat Hanger (How To Make a Wreath)

Building your own wreath is a lot of fun! There are a myriad of bases to choose from. If you need inspiration then Etsy and Pinterest are amazing resources.

Paper Cone Wreath (cornerhouseblog DIY) | Paper Star Wreath (littlebirdiesecrets DIY) | Yarn & Felt Wreath (Etsy) | Tie Wreath (bedifferentactnormal

Wreaths are wrought with lore and tradition as well as whimsy and fun. Whether you hang a wreath on the door to welcome visitors, or on the wall to complete your home’s decor, the splash of color on a cold winters day is sure to add a feeling of warmth, building excitement for the coming season.

Tags: Holiday

December 08 2011


The COLOURlovers Gift Guide, Plus Exclusive Discount & Giveaway

Some people are tough to shop for, but not to worry because the COLOURlovers gift guide has a little something for everyone. This guide is full of colorful ideas from our favorite stores as well as some wonderful DIY projects that are so darn easy to do for that person that deserves something special. Check out the gifts below, and if you want even more ideas, make sure to check out our curated Gift Guide on Pinterest. We have lots of goodies over there too. So here we go!

For The Cooks: For that aspring chef in your life here are a few things that will brighten up their kitchen and spirits as they spend their days making magic in the kitchen. The bowls are perfect for serving and a hand-held blender is great for the friend that makes mashed potatoes or protein shakes and doesn't want the hassle of all the clean up. If you want to go the extra mile, consider getting a recipe book and filling it with your favorite family recipes and collect favorite recipes from family and friends. These gifts are sure to be a hit for that lovely cook.

1. Bowls, 2. Recipe Book, 3. Blender, 4. Cutting Board, 5. Knives

For The Nesters: Finding a unique and colorful piece to brighten up the home is always a good route to go for the friend who just moved or the couple who just married. The perfect pieces can add a little hint of color in the right spots and will be a staple in their home for years to come. Made By Girl offers custom colorful prints so you can add a last name to be hung in the living room or a baby's name for the nursery. Either way this gift will be a thoughtful addition to any home.

1. Candle Holders, 2. Knot Pillow, 3. Lamp, 4. Custom Name Print

For The Men: Oh the men. Us ladies can all agree for shopping for men isn't the easiest of tasks. So here are a few colorful and unique items that will get them excited. Let's highlight "The Present" a brand new clock that takes a full year to complete. The purpose and thought behind this idea is very interesting and worth checking out. Other items include a Tattly box, filled with faux tattoos, and a Tokyo Flash watch. It is worth giving honorable mention to a gift that is just as awesome, but a little different. offers unique packages curated and sent by top designers and influencers. If your guy wants a little inspiration, this is a great way to go.

1. Tattly Box, 2. "The Present" Clock  3. Quote Books 4. Tokyo Flash Watch  5. Crumpled Map

For the Crafter: For that creative person in your life, consider an easy DIY project that will make all the difference to them. Yarn Letters, Wall Art, or a DIY holiday ornament are great suggestions that will add something special to their collection of goodies. And the best part is, they will keep your gift for years to come and always remember where it came from.

1. DIY Letters 2. DIY Wall Art 3. Ornament, 4. DIY Dryer Balls

For the Gals: I chose a few great ideas for any girl, but of course the list could go on and on, couldn't it? Colourful headbands or some statement bangles will be well-received by that special gal in your life. Last but not least are a pair of sparkly shoe clips that she can add to any pair of shoes to give it that extra special something.

1. Headband, 2. Bracelets, 3. Bando Shoe Clips

The Tech Snob: Yeah, you know who I'm talking about. There's always that one person on your list who has to get anything techy the moment it becomes available. So what does someone like this always need? Something to organize, show off and/or protect their investments.

1. CableDrop Cord Clips 2. SHOWWX+ (iPhone, iPad, iPod) 3. Lemon Yellow Elephant March - iPad Sleeve 4. Kindle Fire Case

Who couldn't use a cable organizing system? They come in a variety of colors so go loud, muted or plain white for the extreme minimalist if need be. A simple, yet affordable gift or stocking stuffer.

Anyone in love with their iDevice would be amped to receive something to utilize it even further by enabling it to show off their photo gallery as a slideshow, movies and even streaming content. Lastly, Etsy is chock full of sleeves, cases and covers for almost any tech device at decent prices and many amazing colors and pattern schemes to choose from.

1. mugoplayer 2. case-mate DIY cases (done COLOURlovers style) 

Finally, if you're trying to find that super unique gift for the computer user and music lover on your list, check out a mugo player. These super funky designer dual MP3 & USB characters will be a fast favorite!

Mugo gave us an exclusive COLOURlovers 25% Discount Code to be used at checkout, good until December 31st, 2011.

The Mugo Discount - 25% OFF Code: MUGOLOVERS 

Every techy of course has one of the latest smartphones on the market, so spruce up their rig with your own handmade pattern or palette you designed on COLOURlovers with the case-mate DIY (image uploader). DIY cases available for: iPhone 4/4S, 3G/3GS, Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, iPod Touch 4G and Blackberry Bold 9900. 

The Case-mate DIY Case Giveaway

Case-mate gave us one (1) code for a FREE DIY case!

How to earn this: Post in the comments what your most ideal colorful gift is for yourself. You may post more than one, but must at least be one or you will not be considered. Random selection will pick the winner. Contest ends: December 12th, 2011 at 11pm PST.

Creations used on case-mate DIY case examples:

December 07 2011


Greeting Card Pattern Mashup Inspiration

The time of year has arrived when even the most digitized among us turns to paper, envelopes, and stamps to send out cheerful holiday greetings to friends and family across the globe. Nothing can surpass the excitement that is felt when the mailbox is opened and, tucked among the bills and credit card applications, is a personal holiday card with your name (spelled correctly!) adorning the label.

Today's article is presented by the online printing services company offering greeting cards perfect for the holiday season.


What is it about receiving a card in the mail that makes it so special? Is it the touch and feel of paper in your hands? Is it the bright colors, texture, or patterns? Here is chance to explore some amazing holiday greeting cards, some of which are masterpieces in their own right, and maybe get some ideas on how to incorporate color into your holiday hellos.

source | source

Words within a shape or using words as a pattern can make a simple and adorable greeting. Do you have any word patterns you've done that you'd like to share? I definitely want to try this with Seamless Studio. This would work for any occasion.

source | source

Letterpress (left) in combinations with words as a shape turned out gorgeous. The little houses pattern (right) remind me of some style of Danish design.  It's fairly unique and would be fun to create. Anyone up for a Seamless Studio (or Seamless Lite) challenge to make something similar to this?

source (top) | pattern 1, pattern 2, pattern 3 (see templates at end)

In the top version, the artist traced some shapes out lightly with a pencil, drew some simple pattern work of lines and circles in stripe-fashion (with a permanent pen) within the bounds of the shape and then erased the shape lines. I decided to replicate the method digitally in Photoshop using some COLOURlovers patterns. You could use any graphics editing software that would allow you to create a mask.

I created simple shapes (basically copying the ones from the original piece) and then applied the layer Clipping Masking option. Remember to always respect the license of other member creations on COLOURlovers.

source (card) | pattern stars, pattern snowflakes 

This wonderful design from TWO PEAS IN A BUCKET member, pescaragirl, would be fun to use as an idea for a card from your own patterns. Using a simple, subtle pattern like snowflakes or stars (shown to right) and torn, layered paper in the foreground you could easily whip up some of these.

sourcesource | sourcesource 

Patterns in general are excellent to use within greeting card design in so many fathomable ways. What patterns would you use?

source | source | source | source | source 

Here are some fantastic examples of layering many different types of patterns and simple shapes.


And if all else fails, go with just color!

Holiday greeting cards are a fantastic way to connect with old friends, and show your loved ones how much you care. When you go to choose your holiday greeting this year, know that you will not only make someone smile, but you have the chance to give them a decoration to adorn their mantle piece, shelf or even their Christmas tree for years to come. Choose a card that is uniquely you or pick out a small masterpiece that is sure to brighten a cold winter’s day.

header credits: greeting card

December 05 2011


Christmas Countdown: Advent Calendars

It’s almost here! And, the countdown will soon begin. It’s the 25 day period before Christmas. One great way to celebrate the season is with an Advent Calendar.

Antique Advent Calendar   ( Advent Calendar from Germany )


It’s almost here! And, the countdown will soon begin. It’s the 25 day period before Christmas. One great way to celebrate the season is with an Advent Calendar.


Here’s an easy and fun way to use a candle as an advent calendar. Each day the candle is lit and burned down to the next number. You can make one by using craft paint on the candle itself.

Old Advent Calendar (German Origin)

The first printed Advent Calendar came about through Gerhard Lang in 1908. Lang got the idea from his mother who, when he was a small boy, made him an advent calendar with 24 little candies stuck on cardboard. He printed Advent Calendars in Germany until WWII when cardboard was then rationed and forbidden to use.

WWII Advent Calendar (The Little Town)

This is the first Advent Calendar printed after WWII. It was printed in 1946 and the first one printed in the United States. It was promoted by President Dwight D. Eisenhower whose children loved the idea.

Felt Advent Calendar ( Felt Advent )

Today Advent Calendars range from religious to non-religious, and are made from a variety of materials, such as this one made out of felt.

Small Drawers (Christmas Cocoa U-Fill)

The small box drawers in this unique advent calendar can be filled with little candies, stickers, small toys, or family activities.

Magnetic Nativity (Nativity)

The magnetic figures of this advent calendar allow the pieces to be placed anywhere desired. The pieces are stored in pockets in the back. One piece is brought out each day until the nativity scene is complete.

Christmas Decor (Colorful Pocket)

Let the Christmas countdown begin with this bright and cheerful quilted advent calendar. The pockets are in random order so you have to search for the right number. Each pocket can be filled with treats or activities.

Starry Trees (Little Forest)

This advent calendar is an absolutely fabulous decorative piece! You can choose how to hang it on a tree branch, garland style, or on the Christmas tree itself.

Christmas Story (Felt Pennants)

These scrumptious wool pennants are festive with their shades of green, red, gold and white. Each pennant is a little pocket that holds a little card paraphrasing the story of Jesus’ birth with scripture references.

Art Quilt (Amy Butler Fabric)

Here’s a gorgeous display featuring a spin-off of traditional Christmas colors, by experimenting with more of a pastel color palette. Red variants come into play here with pink taking first place. Another interesting feature is that the numbers are made with polymer clay.

Pottery Advent (Pottery Shadow Box)

The word Advent is derived from the Latin word “adventur” meaning “arrival.” Here’s a unique advent calendar using pottery in a shadow box-style lazy Susan shelf, which is unique in itself with the Christmas Tree finial on top.

Black and White (Elegant)

Using beautiful flocked and metallic papers, feathers, rhinestones, and elegant embellishments, this black, white, and silver advent calendar creates an unusual look.

Christmas Stocking ( All In One)

If you have a lot of kiddos in your family then this might be a fun solution. An advent calendar right on the Christmas Stocking itself. Each number has a little pocket.

Fabric Bags (Colorful)

Here’s a simple idea using colorful fabric scraps. These would be easy to whip up if you’re suddenly inspired to make an advent calendar at the last minute.

Magnetic Tins (Reusable )

Here’s yet another very quick advent calendar project using magnetic tins.

All of these Advent Calendars are certainly inspiring. Remember, you can start your Countdown to Christmas with any amount of days. Perhaps 12 days of Christmas is your thing? So, whether you make one or buy, one have fun with it this season.

November 24 2011


Happy Thanksgiving: 15 Ways to Show Thanks With Color

Of all the things to be thankful for, color is at the top of the list. Color is saturated into every fiber of our lives. It gives variety to our days, our moments, our very lives. It is there in our darkest moments and happiest memories. It can influence moods and reactions. It is there for us when we brainstorm inovative ideas, new marketing techniques, or complicated craft projects. Color is simply inspiring. So, on this Thanksgiving Day, remember to take a look around you and notice all the beautiul colors that this season has to offer.

How are you celebrating color this season?

Fall Leaf Garland from Maureen Cracknell Handmade as a part of Celebrate Color 

Celebrate color this season with a leaf garland made of felt and yarn. Incorporate a gorgeous color palette into your home's decor without the crunchy mess of real leaves.

Project by Triple Play

Dazzling. Do you think these sparkly aqua-blue accents steer a little bit away from traditional fall colors? You have to admit, it adds a nice depth to the overall setting and complements that traditional orange nicely.

Thankful Tree" by Simply Vintage Girl

Elegant. Bring the outdoors in to create thankful bits of autumn pastels and pattern mixtures combined in a "Thankful Tree."

For the kiddos. Shades of brown add warmth and provide an earthy feel in this Turkey centerpiece. Choose a fun and colorful palette for the thankful feathers.

Tradition, (What Are You) Thankful Four?

What are you thankful...4? A great excuse to use color in so many ways! Write what you're thankful for on colorful number fours cut from scrapbooking or construction paper and share. Turn them in to ornaments to display all weekend. Keep them around as reminders.

" year I cut large 4s from paper and placed one on each person's plate. Just before dinner, we wrote the things we were thankful for on our cutouts, then took turns sharing our lists..." - Candice Steelman (reader at Disney Family Fun)

By Holiday Crafts and Creations

There's always room to go classic. Traditional autumn colors make a space warm and inviting. These edible place settings using M&M's to imitate Indian Corn are quite fun! under Thanksgiving Crafts

Create a three dimensional palette with blocks and display an appropriately thankful message.

Design Sponge - DIY Project Autumn Leaf Bouquet 

What better way to say thank you to the beauty of color than to use fallen leaves to create vibrant autumn roses.

avery & anderson - Fall Decor' Part 4: THANKS be to upcycling wine bottles!

Get funky, use a few recycled wine bottles, a bit of paint and some other odds and ends to create and display a thankful word.

Crafty Katie - Fall Burlap Wreath

What would fall be without a wreath? Burlap offers a very earthy-happy texture, while adding a mix of traditional or non-traditional colors livens it up. - Abundance Seed Balls

Blending tradition with innovation - did you look close enough? I took a double-take after realizing those were bean-balls in the cornucopia! How creative and fitting to the season. A gentle reminder of warm soup on chilly fall evenings.

INKspired Creations - Paper Pumpkins | Teresa Collins - Paper Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Autumn wouldn't be autumn without a couple of paper pumpkins leftover from Halloween. Another way to utilize a mix of patterns and palettes.

PLAID - Thankful Art Collage

The paper flower on this thankful journal has a nice whimsical feel to it and reminds me of autumn leaves. Writing down what you are thankful for is always a great way to reflect and come back to on days when you aren't feeling so thankful.

 Kind Over Matter - Thanksgiving Fortune Cookies

This simple, yet unique idea encompasses the idea that being thankful can also remind us of the good things that are yet to come.

Incorporating autumn colors into our homes and Thanksgiving celebrations is a special way to recreate that warm feeling we experience when we start listing all the things that we are thankful for. This reason, above all, is why color should be remembered on Thanksgiving Day.

A big Thank you to all of you COLOURlovers for loving color and making our community flourish with so many beautiful creations! Be safe and colorful on this holiday! - The COLOURlovers Team

Creations Used:


header credit: Leaf Garland

October 31 2011


Halloween Colors: Where Did They Come From?

Pumpkin orange and midnight black—the predominant colors of Halloween combine the Autumn season with darkness and scary entities.


But how did these colors really come to dominate this most unusual holiday? The truth is, when it comes to the question of the origin of the Halloween colors, it can be hard to separate the opinions from the facts.

Unbleached beeswax candles (source | source)

The most common opinion about where the colors originated is steeped in the rich history of the Celtics and the Druids, with the burning of unbleached beeswax candles (orange) and ceremonial caskets draped in a black cloth.

Feng Shui candles are said to help create peace in the center of your house (source)

Now, let’s step into the world of Feng Shui, where a balance of energy reigns supreme. Believers of Feng Shui feel that the colors of orange and black were chosen because they are on opposite sides of the energy spectrum: orange is warm, happy, lively, and brings to mind the bounty of the fall harvest, while black represents mystery, void, power and protection (source).

(leaves source)

The most obvious answer to this question is that the classic color of Autumn is orange, while black can be equated with the approaching darkness of winter.

spider glasses | felted toysnapkinsBunting 

And, if you want to get really extreme, some people claim that black and orange were the only colors left after Christmas took red and green, and Easter took all of the pastels.

Of course, Halloween colors are not just limited to orange and black, you will also see a lot of blood red, eerie green, ghostly white and deep purples. So, where do these colors come into play? Here is a plausible explanation.

Celtic wheel of the year (source)

Going back to the Celtic festival of Samhain in 700 B.C., it signified the end of the harvest and the approaching of winter, or the end of one year and the start of another. The Celts believed that ancestral spirits joined them on this day when the past and the present are about to cross paths, which is why it was also considered a “day of the dead.”(source)

goblin | bat necklace | brooch | Boo

All of the Halloween colors seem to implicate some kind of connection to death and dying. Red is a classic implication of blood, fire and demons, while green represents goblins, monsters, and zombies. Purple draws in a bit of the supernatural and mysticism, while white reflects ghosts, mummies and a full moon.

Stepping away from color for a moment, Halloween is also dominated by an abundance of Jack-o-lanterns and children out trick-or-treating. These traditions also have an interesting origin.

Stingy Jack (source)

Jack-o-lanterns trace back to the Irish myth of Stingy Jack who died and, finding himself rejected by both heaven and hell, was forced to roam the darkness seeking a resting place for his soul. Legend has it that he hollowed out a turnip and used it to carry a coal to light his way. This said, the first Jack-o-lanterns were carved in turnips, and only changed to pumpkins when the tradition was brought to America.

jack-o-lanterns (source)

Trick-or-treating came about during the Great Irish Potato Famine. On Halloween, peasants would beg for food from the wealthy. They played practical jokes on those that refused to give them something. So, to avoid being tricked, the wealthy gave out cookies, candies, and fruit. It is easy to see how this turned into modern-day trick-or-treating. (source)

bracelet | plastic mustaches / lips | zombie clips | toy

No matter what history tells us, the Halloween color palette we see today is warm, bright, fun, and sometimes a little spooky. Each color has a place in the holiday and can find a place in your life as well, whether you are wearing it, eating it, decorating with it, or simply reading about it. So, have a happy, safe and colorful Halloween!

header credit: purple bats

Halloween Colors


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October 24 2011


September 28 2011


December 24 2010


Happy Holidays 2010


Another year has come and is about to be in the history books. We wanted to extend our warm holiday wishes to you and yours and hope that you have a great holiday season. Now, go eat lots of food, drink lots of drink and be merry for this is a time to be with family and friends and maybe get some kickass gifts too? We thank you for being readers of FYC and hope to see you in the new year! Stay tuned for some exciting new stuff in the 2011.

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Happy Holidays 2010

December 23 2009


Happy Holidays from FYC

It’s the time of the year where we all close up shop, join in some holiday festivities and visit with family. (Hopefully not too much visiting however.) We over at FYC wanted to extend our warm holiday wishes to you and hope that you guys have a great break however you spend it. We also want to thank you for a successful year and being loyal readers of FYA & other FUEL brand sites.
Speaking of FUEL brand sites, just recently we launched a network wide Best Of post which you should hop over and check out. This awesome BestOf site design is from the mind of Adelle Charles and the coding skills of Doug Neiner. If you like it you should let them know.
In order to get in the holiday cheer I have compiled some entertaining holiday sites & giveaways you can peruse at you leisure over your wonderful holiday break.

It’s the time of the year where we all close up shop, join in some holiday festivities and visit with family. (Hopefully not too much visiting) We over at FYC wanted to extend our warm holiday wishes to you and yours & a great break. We also want to thank you for being loyal readers of FYA & other FUEL brand sites.

Speaking of FUEL brand sites, recently we launched a network wide Best Of post which you should hop over and check out. This awesome Best Of site design is from the mind of Adelle Charles and the coding skills of Doug Neiner & Dan Denney. If you like it you should let them know.

In order to get in the holiday cheer I have compiled some entertaining holiday sites, giveaways & others that you can peruse at you leisure over your wonderful holiday break.

Knit Your Own Sweater Interactive Style

Screen shot 2009-12-22 at 11.25.26 PM

A nice interactive site where you can knit your own sweater and then print/email it to friends.

We Love – Eating Pies to raise money for Make a Wish

Screen shot 2009-12-22 at 8.45.25 PM

You get to make a dedicated employee eat pie, how awesome?

Ramp Champ – Holiday In Game App (iPhone)

Screen shot 2009-12-22 at 8.43.04 PM

The beautiful UI of Ramp Champ releases a free in app Christmas game. What could be better?

MacStories Apps Tree: 540 Licenses of Mac and iPhone Apps Up for Grabs Worth $10,000+!

Screen shot 2009-12-22 at 11.34.27 PM

540 Mac & iPhone Apps that are up for grabs all you have to do is enter.

What to Get for That Nerdy, Design-Savvy, Coffee-Loving, Snowboarding, Person in Your Life

Screen shot 2009-12-22 at 11.39.04 PM

Stuck on what to get your geek for Xmas? Check this out it will help for the last minute gifts.

Basic Candy Cane Text Effect in Photoshop

Screen shot 2009-12-22 at 11.54.16 PM

Get your photoshop on with some sweet Candy Cane Typography from Tutorial 9.

Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers For 2009

Screen shot 2009-12-23 at 12.02.01 AM

Xmas up your computer & get yourself into the holiday mood.

Free Christmas and New Year’s Eve WordPress Theme

Screen shot 2009-12-23 at 12.03.36 AM

A very clean Christmas Wordpress Theme.

Your Plans?

How do you plan to spend the “holidays” ? Eating, Cooking, Working, Partying, Sleeping? What cool gifts did you put on your list? Some cool Mac hardware or a big Monitor? Let us know in the comments and maybe you won’t get a big lump of coal.

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Happy Holidays from FYC

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