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May 13 2011


Found Freebie: Banda Regular from Typedepot

I happened to randomly stumble upon a very nice free font this morning, and I thought I’d share. It’s called Banda from Typedepot, and it’s what they call a “semi-serif.” When you visit the Typedepot Banda page, the download link is at the top right. Banda is a beautiful and very versatile typeface, well worth a download :)

Found Freebie: Banda Regular from Typedepot

April 21 2011


Found Freebies: Don’t miss out on freely available professional fonts

We’re all busy and time is of the essence, but taking 5 minutes per month to visit a couple font foundries can reap some awesome treasures. I’ve tracked down a few of these sites for you guys to get some free fonts. I’m not talking about “Free fonts” either. These are really good fonts, freely available as, what I would call “bait,” to get users to visit. And for me, it’s working.

Found Freebies: Don't miss out on freely available professional fonts

1. (one of my favorite sites because it’s beautifully designed and simple) is a, what I would call, a “High End” stock site. Veer doesn’t mess around. Their font selection is somewhat small, but very high quality, and they give away a free font every single month. All you have to do is visit each month and download the latest free font, which is usually a single font from a popular font family in their collection. Visit the Free Section and you’ll find one font to download for free. (I couldn’t link directly to a “free font” page because it doesn’t exist. You’ll have to find it in their free section.)


Found Freebies: Don't miss out on freely available professional fonts is a popular type foundry that has a “Goodies” section. I’m not as frequent of a visitor to FontFont, so I’m not sure how often they update their free section, but there is some good stuff there now, including one really cool web font. (pictured above) doesn’t exactly have a free section, but many designers (more than you think) will give one version of their font away for free as ‘bait’ to get you to purchase the entire font family, or the ‘pro’ version. It’s more time consuming to browse, but you can find some good stuff there. Click on the link above or go to and click on the “Free” tag in order to filter.


Just a reminder, but make sure you pay attention to the license restrictions when downloading, and especially when using anything “Free.” Unlike BittBox, the majority of free stuff, in my experience, is either accompanied by a limited license, or used as bait. Never hurts to watch your own back. Hope you guys found this informative! Time for some free fonts to add to your collection :)

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