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Excellent Resource: Photoshop Style a Day

Talk about a priceless time saver! John over at Photoshop Style a Day contacted me recently about his new site. They give away a new Photoshop style each day and we’re talking top quality stuff here. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has downloaded styles in bulk, but I think the idea of having a new style each day is nice. You can keep going back and get something new each time. Photoshop Style a Day is a new launch, so the collection isn’t huge yet, but like I said, top quality stuff. I can’t wait to see this resource grow, and I thought there would be plenty of BittBox readers out there that would enjoy this site as well. You can also submit your own style to be featured and shared with the world if you like :)

Excellent Resource: Photoshop Style a Day


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