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Free Stuff: Brush Pilot Giveaway and Cyber Monday Coupon Code

Ok, we have a holiday on our hands soon and I’m feeling like some of of you might want some free software. It’s been a while since we’ve had a Brush Pilot giveaway here on BittBox, so I think Thanksgiving week would be a perfect time. I’m giving away 5 copies of Brush Pilot to some lucky commenters, and I also have a Cyber Monday coupon code for 50% off. The coupon code is “ILOVEBRUSHES,” and it’s good starting Thursday and ends at midnight on Cyber Monday. Make sure you read the rules, and good luck :)

Visit to download a demo and read more details.

Brush Pilot for Mac - A Photoshop Brush Previewer

Brush Pilot™ is a fast and easy application for previewing Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe Photoshop Elements Brushes (.abr), built exclusively for Mac OS X. Brush Pilot is designed to save you time by allowing you to instantly preview your brushes without having to load them into Photoshop.
Instantly finds all Photoshop BrushesInstantly finds all of your brushes

Brush Pilot for Mac - A Photoshop Brush Previewer

When you launch Brush Pilot, it automatically finds every brush file on your system, so there’s no need to navigate a Finder-like menu system. Brush Pilot also knows what version/s of Photoshop you have, and it separates your installed brushes from the rest.
Fast PreviewsBlazing fast previews

Brush Pilot has a small footprint, uses very little system resources, and previews even the most ginormous brush files at breakneck speed. It’s designed not to get in your way, but to make you more productive, as well as creatively inspired.
Install brushes with a single clickInstall brushes with one click

Brush Pilot is designed for productivity on more than one level. You can send files to the Trash, reveal their location in Finder, and even install selected files into all versions of Photoshop on your system with a single click, menus, Control/Right + Click, or keyboard shortcuts.

Check out some of the new features:

  • Export as PNG! When exporting, Brush Pilot will generate a PNG (with or without transparency) at full size for each individual brush inside the file and organize the collection into a folder.
  • “Show Volumes” menu command will show complete file hierarchy, arranged by volume, including mounted iDisks.
  • Double clicking on folders in file path display will open them in Finder.
  • iTunes style scrollbars.
  • File Count indicators reveal how many brush files are in each folder. (like Mail)

Contest Rules:

  • All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. (tweeting is appreciated)
  • Only comment once.
  • 5 winners will be randomly chosen from the comments.
  • Please only comment if you have a Mac.
  • Comments will remain open for about a week.

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